Tips on How to Use Postcards to Market Your Business at Trade Shows

Mailing postcards is not the only way to market your business. If you often join trade shows, events, or exhibits, you can make use of postcards as well. How? Below are ways on how you can use advertising postcards to encourage more consumers to try your products or services.

Use postcards as vouchers. An effective strategy to invite more customers to visit your booth at the trade show is to offer giveaways or promotional products. Distribute postcards to let people know about it. To claim the free item, the customer must bring the postcard with them to your sales space. Through this strategy, you can give your promotional items only to people who have taken the time to drop by your stall and take a look at your products.

Use postcards as discount coupons. Motivate potential customers to go to your booth and buy items at a discounted price. Therefore, if a customer with a postcard decides to buy something, you know straight away the result of your postcard marketing campaign.

Use postcards as an invite or pass. You can sponsor a special sale event in your shop or host an exclusive show. In this case, postcards can be used as invitations. This way, you can find out which of your prospects have genuine interest in the products you sell. If they decide to attend the event, then you can ensure that you’ve found the right leads.

Make use of postcards to invite people to visit your website. Do you have a business website? If yes, giving away postcards at tradeshows is a good way to let people know that they can make purchases online. You may include a coupon code on the card as well. By doing this, you can monitor the result of your postcard advertising campaign more quickly.

Use postcards to announce a grand opening. Distribute advertising postcards to let people know about your store’s grand opening! Request people to come and remember, highlight the advantages! Why shouldn’t they miss this major event? What great surprises are in store for them? Can they enjoy special discounts or giveaways for being one of your first customers?

Use oversized postcards. When advertising with postcards, it is not necessary to use only the standard size 4″x6″ cards. Have you thought about using oversized postcards? Extra-large cards or sumo cards can contain much more print and details which is great especially when introducing a new product in the market. You can also find large postcards that are foldable so you can use both sides for printing and make it look like a greeting card.

Make them for keeps. Most people prefer postcards with attractive designs. Make your postcards worth keeping. For example, you may include an inspiring or a funny quotation to a stunning background and it would make an excellent accent to office desks or refrigerator doors.

You can also try making your postcard into a mini manual or a tip sheet with practical reminders, information or advice. This, recipients of your postcards will surely keep it or put it in a spot where it can always be read.